Our Approach

At MMSInfoTech we believe that our client’s satisfaction and success is our highest goal. We put our clients before our profits. In order to best provide for our client, we work through a client focused vision. By putting their satisfaction at the forefront of the work, we are able to understand their individual needs and create solutions catered specifically to them. MMSInfoTech does not work single-mindedly through completing tasks; we work through having our client’s goals met and having their success be what drives us forward.

“What gets paid, gets done.”

By completing our work to the highest standard, MMSInfoTech is able to create an unbeatable experience for our clients. Since our culture is based from start to end with our client’s needs in mind, we do not follow the concept that compensation should be based on utilization. In lieu, we believe that compensation should be based on client satisfaction, since that is where our values align.

Client Testimonial

MMS Solutions was a critical partner in taking our financial reporting to another level. MMS always tries to understand client needs and then uses their expertise to quickly develop solutions that really work. MMS continues to exceed my expectations and I would highly, highly recommend them!!

Cory McQueen

Cory McQueen

CAO at Nutraceutical Corporation

I have known Mrunal for over a decade. I used his services to create Essbase cubes at Foamex in 2004-05. His workmanship and business ethics are impeccable. The business acumen that he developed while working in different manufacturing and services industries comes very handy in understanding business requirements. After a successful experience at Foamex, I used his services at Orica, Monument, and now at Nutraceutical Corp. This fact in itself should provide the best reference for his services. Mrunal is skilled in the Hyperion suite of applications, and more. At Nutraceutical, he has helped me not only with Hyperion but also with S&OP application Adexa. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone who wants a true business partner versus big name consultants who would nickel and dime you with every change request. Oh, and did I mention that he treats all implementations as his own and provides project management services to ensure timeliness and adherence to budgets. I have had overruns in my implementation, but those are nine out of ten times because we changed the scope materially from our end. He will work with you in dealing with minor tweaks without adding cost to the project.

Ankit Dhawan

Ankit Dhawan

CFO at Nutraceutical Corporation